Frequently Asked Questions

What does the rental price include? 


UNLIMITED mileage for 4 days + hire

600 mile limit for 3 days hire

Breakdown cover

Comprehensive UK insurance 

For a comprehensive list of what is included in your motorhome hire please see link "What is included & Extras"

How do I make a booking? 

Bookings can be made over the phone, email, or via our online booking system see Book link

All we need to confirm a booking is a deposit of £240 (£200 plus vat) or £360 (£300 plus vat)

The remaining balance will be due 8 weeks before collection of your motorhome

If confirming a booking less than 8 weeks prior to collection the full amount is required

Can I drive your motorhome?

ALL our motorhomes can be driven with a normal UK B2 car driving licence.

We can insure drivers between 25 – 79 years of age

All drivers must have held a full valid licence for more than 2 years

You can have up to three drivers per vehicle, your first driver is included in your rental cost, fees apply for each addition driver

All drivers must be present when collecting the motorhome

Can I drive with points on my licence? 

Our insurance company will accept up to two sets of speeding fines per driver (i.e. SP30) maximum 6 points in total.

For more than two sets of points or for any points that are not coded SP's please contact the office as we will need to confirm with our insurance company if they will agree to insure you.

What time can I collect and return the motorhome? 

Collection times are from 3 pm, last collection time is 1 hour prior to closing (closing time will vary depending on the season)

Please allow one hour for the hand-over at the depot – to complete the documentation and demonstrate your vehicle to you

Return times are between 8 am & 10 am (unless otherwise agreed in writing)

A late fee is chargeable for all motorhomes returned after 10 am as this does create a serious impact on the next hire.

What do I need to collect the motorhome? 

All drivers MUST be present on collection of the motorhome

Full valid driving licence with photo ID (must match proof of address)

National insurance number (for UK residents only)

International licence if required (countries outside the EU)

Passport for all non UK residents or persons with no photo ID on their driving licence  

Two forms of proof of address to include:

All documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date

One or two utility bills.

If utility bills are not possible the following documentation is acceptable for proof of address.

Council tax bill/statement

TV/internet/landline telephone bill (Including Sky/Virgin/BT etc)

Bank statement

Credit Card bill

Mortgage statement

Any documentation relating to insurance or mobile phones bills will be declined

How do I return the motorhome? 

All motorhomes must be returned to the Bristol depot between 8 am & 10 am (unless otherwise agreed in writing)

A late fee is chargeable for all motorhomes returned after 10 am as this does create a serious impact on the next hire.

We ask the motorhome is returned with a full tank of diesel and gas both can be obtained from our local petrol station.

We ask the motorhome is returned with an empty toilet cassette and grey water tank, please make sure grey water & toilet cassettes are only disposed at approved disposal points.

Vehicles are expected to be returned in a clean and tidy condition INSIDE the outside will be cleaned by us.


Can you explain the mileage allowance?

Yes as unlike many other motorhome hire companies who actually have a mileage allowance and fail to mention this until the day you collect your motorhome, we detail the allowance clearly from the start as follows.

For a hire duration of 4 nights and over the mileage allowance is UNLIMITED.

For a hire duration of 3 nights the mileage allowance is 600 miles in total, any miles over this will be charged at £1 per mile.

How many miles per gallon can I expect? 

This is really subject to how you drive and if your journey will be mostly motorways.

To give you an idea expect anything from 25 to 40 miles per gallon.

Is there a minimum hire period? 

A minimum hire period of 3 nights applies throughout the year

The minimum hire period is increased to 7 nights in July & August

We may increase the minimum hire period for certain events such as Christmas, Glastonbury or a Festival for more details please contact us

How old are your motorhomes? 

All our motorhomes are 2017 models or newer

All are meticulously maintained and spotlessly clean


What charges apply if I cancel my booking? 

More than 8 weeks before collection: non refundable deposit £360 (£300 plus vat)

8 weeks - 4 weeks before collection 50% of total hire charge is non refundable

4 weeks before collection or No Show 100% of total hire charge is non refundable

Unfortunately we cannot postpone or transfer money from one hire to another

What is the Security deposit? 

As is the case with ALL motorhome hire companies there is a refundable Security deposit of £1000 payable on collection of the motorhome on a credit or debit card.

The card holder must be present at the office.

The security deposit will be returned to you less any deductions for damage (if appropriate) within 21 days after you return the motorhome.

This is to allow time for any possible parking or speeding tickets to arrive.

We may need to increase the security deposit dependant on your hire if our insurers request this at the time of your booking.

Is there any excess on the vehicle insurance? 

As is the case with ALL motorhome hire companies there is an insurance excess of £1000 on the insurance policy.

This is NOT payable as in the event of an accident this will be taken from the security deposit as explained above.

You can purchase a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) policy to cover the Insurance Excess charge of £1000 in the event of a road traffic collision (RTC). This will reduce your liability to zero or what ever the policy stipulates.

For further information please ask at the time your make your booking.

Please note you can not add a CDW policy after you collect your motorhome.

Is there a speed limit that applies when driving a motor motorhome?

All our motorhomes have an unladen weight of up to 3050kg, they are therefore subject to the same speed limits as cars.

Please click the following link for up-to-date for guidelines –

As for speed limits in Europe please refer to the specific countries laws and obey the speed limit displayed.

The Caravan Club has produced a table of general European speed limits here:

(For information if a motorhome weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes, or they exceed 8 passenger seats the speed restrictions are different)

What happens if the motorhome has a breakdown?

In the unlikely event that you experience a breakdown ALL our motorhomes have recovery and breakdown cover included in your hire.

So no need to worry.

Where can I park overnight in the motorhome?

In England and Wales, it is illegal to park overnight in an un-designated area e.g. roadside lay-by, supermarket or service area car parks.

We recommend you book an approved campsite and take advantage of the comfort of added facilities and electric hook up.

Dependant on the time of year we would suggest booking campsites in advance where possible, even if it’s your first and last stop, especially in the busier summer months!

In Scotland the law is different, you may park freely in rural areas if you adhere to being 100 metres from a building and are not creating a dangerous situation for yourself or any other road user, HOWEVER, our insurers do still stipulate that the motorhome has to be on a designated campsite regardless what country.

Can I take the motorhome to Europe? 

Yes, although additional insurance cover is £10 per day also includes breakdown cover

We do need to know in advance so as we can sort the green card etc

Can I take the motorhome to Ireland? 

Yes, although additional insurance cover is £5 per day also includes breakdown cover

Can I take the motorhome on a ferry or the Euro tunnel? 

Yes your motorhome can be taken on a ferry or the Euro tunnel.

You will need the registration number and length of the vehicle at the time of booking.

We can advise you of all the information you need at the time we confirm your booking.

Can I take the motorhome to a Festival? 

Yes, HOWEVER there may be an additional cost depending on time of the year and the actual Festival

The security deposit will be increased to £1500 and we ask you to also sign a copy of our Festival policy

All our motorhomes have a tracker and any customer who is not truthful will lose the security deposit if the motorhome joins a festival without our consent and knowledge.


Can I take my pet - is there an additional charge? 

Yes, HOWEVER pets are ONLY allowed in our Pet OK Motorhomes at an additional cost of £50 (max one pet) although we ask they are not to be left in the vehicle unattended or allowed on the soft furnishings.

The security deposit may be increased and we ask you to also sign a copy of our pets policy.

Please note due to a recent insurance policy change we no longer accept short hair breeds as the hair embeds into fabric furnishings. 

Do you offer a collection service?

Yes we do we can arrange to collect your party up to a maximum of 6 persons from you home, office, train station, airport or where ever.

Price on request subject to distance.


Can I leave my car at your depot? 

Yes you can leave a car at our depot for FREE 

Your car will be secure in a gated and locked compound however it will be left at the owners own risk 


What does your motorhome come with? 

The list is endless please see "What is included and Extras" link this will explain in detail for you.

Do your motorhomes come with air conditioning?

Yes ALL our motorhomes have air conditioning in the main cabin which filters through the main habitation area.

Do your motorhomes come with a bike rack?

Yes ALL our motorhomes are fitted with a bike rack to carry four bikes maximum.

What works from the leisure battery? 

Lights are powered from the leisure battery

Water pump

TV/DVD/Digital Status aerial

USB charging points


What are the benefits of hooking up to the mains electric? 

A power source of 230 volts is needed to fully power the motorhome

The on board 230v plug socket can be used when hooked up

The fridge can be used off the mains electric

The leisure battery will also charge through the mains electric

Are there power points in the motorhome? 

Dependant on models there is at least 1 x plug socket for a standard 3 point plug (this will only work when connected to the mains electric)

1 x 12v socket in the dash which can be used for car phone chargers, sat nav’s etc.

USB charging points


Do your motorhomes have a TV? 

Yes all our motorhomes include a TV/DVD/Digital Status aerial

Do your motorhomes have an Oven and Microwave? 

Yes unlike many other motorhomes ALL our motorhomes have a full oven and microwave.

Is bedding included? 

Bedding & towels are NOT included in the motorhomes as standard although we do hire sets

A single set can be hired for £20.00 per set which includes duvet, sheet, pillow and a towel

A double set can be hired for £40.00 per set which includes duvet, sheet, 2 pillows and 2 towels

Will your motorhome fit a baby car seat? 

All motorhomes can fit a baby car seat/booster seat/ booster cushion

We do not offer a baby car seats/booster seats/ booster cushions for hire

Are the motorhomes suitable for winter hire? 

Yes absolutely - all motorhomes have double glazing and wall and floor insulation with the Bailey award winning Alu-Tech construction.

All motorhomes are fitted with a gas heating/hot water system. 

How does the FREE use of Camping and Caravanning Club Privileged Membership​ work?

All our hire customers have a complimentary membership for the duration of their hire period via the Club’s Privilege Scheme. 

The Privilege Scheme gives you access to over 110 award-winning Club Sites and 20 stunning Camping in the Forest sites, all in superb locations.

How much will I save?

You can save up to 30% off your pitch fees on UK Club Sites and 15% per night on Camping in the Forest Sites.


How do I book a Camping and Caravanning Club site using the Privilege Scheme?

A Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Pack will be included in your motorhome, including a book of all of the Club Sites.

A special key fob is issued with each of our motorhomes; all you need to do is show it to the Holiday Site Manager when you arrive on site in order to claim your discount.

There isn’t a membership number, only the key fob, but you can still book sites in advance.  You can use the “Find a Campsite” section of the Camping and Caravanning Club website to search and choose sites by location and/or facilities available.  Rather than book through the site you can then contact the sites directly (or phone the Camping and Caravanning Club site contact centre on 024 7647 5426, or for Camping in the Forest sites 024 7642 3008, and explain that you are using the Privilege Scheme.

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